You Can’t Stop the Beat…Apparently

They said ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’, but the fact of that matter is it has. Yes boys and girls, Stage Change Cabaret 2008 has come and gone. Why am I writing this? I am the sound director for the Stage Chance shows. It’s not a glamorous role, but an important one none the less.

If you missed the show, shame on you, as you missed one hell of a performance. Certainly better than High School Musical (which isn’t hard to beat I guess). I don’t know how we manage to put so much together, but somehow we do. It surprises you how much talent there can be in one school, from singers to tap dancers, and Matt and Dan’s witty commentary between acts (although they are otherwise talentless idiots :P). I think it’s fair to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, both audience and cast and crew.

It also marked a fitting end to the end of my time at Soham Village College, a tribute as such to the many members of the year who have participated in it over the 5 or so years it has been running.