Keeping Up With The Times

The great thing about working as a developer for a radio station at the moment is the influx of new technologies that being adopted. The challenge is implementing them, particularly given the rapidly changing nature of them. For example we’ve recently seen the announcement of services such as RadioDNS, the UK Radio Player and iTunes Tagging as included on the FM receiver on the iPod nano.

On top of this we’re also seeing a revival of existing technology, such as RDS RadioText which is now being included on many portable and table-top radios. With the large numbers of listeners with access to these technologies, it’s becoming more important for stations to jump on the bandwagon to be able to compete. Simply sending out the station slogan on the RadioText is no longer sufficient, listeners expect to be able to look at their radio and see which song is playing.

I’m particularly looking forward to the launch of UK Radio Player, designed by the BBC to be the first central radio player for British radio stations. Not only will it provide a simple platform for listeners to find their favourite radio stations online, it will also provide new opportunities for us to interact with listeners and easily promote the station. No doubt I intend on getting Erewash Sound on UK Radio Player as soon as the details are firmed by the BBC and made available to radio stations.