Manic March

It’s been one of those non stop months for me, kicking off with the launch of Erewash Sound on the 6th. The launch was an all round success, aided by special guest Robert Lindsay of My Family fame, with a lot of listeners since tuning in and showing their support. Work has now also started on a new building for the station, intended to be complete by September, hosting new high tech studios and other facilities.

A few days after that I was off to New York for the FIRST NYC Regional, in which Systemetric ranked 47th out of 63 teams following an issue with the power supply to the robot’s Wi-Fi adapter in one match, and a drive code bug in another match. We were however first out of the crate and running, and the robot did perform well in other matches so overall we are satisfied with the robots performance.

Since coming back I have been working on a new radio player for Erewash Sound, to go live in the upcoming weeks, containing visual updates to incorporate information about the on air presenter and links to other pages of interest. The update comes with a revamped backend to allow easier expansion in the future and better mobile support, bringing a better mobile player as part of the update, in particular for the iPhone which will act like a native application when saved to the home screen.