A Player You Can Sing Along To

One of the most important assets to a radio stations website is the one thing that is most often overlooked, the player people listen to the station on. It’s not easy to design a good player, as you want it to be small so it doesn’t get in the way while also allowing listeners to interact with the station. Because of that, when Erewash Sound started broadcasting full time on FM, I knew the player is something that would have to be closely looked at.

I’ve just finished rebuilding the our player, focusing on interactivity and multiple platforms with minimal design change. The major change visitors will notice is that the content area which previously contained request details and an ad for the internet service, now shows the on air presenter taken from the station schedule, which automatically refreshes with a contact link. It also displays a different layout to mobile devices, with device specific playlist switching and an iPhone enhanced interface.

Unfortunately we’re currently lacking song details due to technical issues with the system in the studio. Once that is resolved, probably when the station moves to its new studios later this year, we’ll work on adding live song data to the player. For those interested, it’s built onto of the Kohana Framework, which made building the new player a breeze.