A Game for Metro

A few months ago I started work on writing Minesweeper from scratch in javascript as both a learning exercise for myself and partly because I didn’t like any of the free versions of Minesweeper available for Android. Moving forward to now, as a bit of a Minsweeper addict, I was surprised to see Microsoft have removed Minesweeper from Windows 8. So I’ve taken the oportunity to bring Minesweeper to Windows 8 myself, using the new javascript development environment for Metro apps to use my existing version of Minesweeper.

After a few weeks of tinkering the game is now largely complete, designed to feel at home on Windows 8 with all the functionality of the old Minesweeper. It’s called Mine Raid and I plan on releasing it for free on the Windows App Store when Windows 8 is released. Also thanks to the power of Javascript I plan on bringing it to other platforms later on, including Android. Keep an eye on my software brand, Atomic Wasteland, for more details closer to release.